Why Tablet POS Might Not Always be the Right Choice

Embedded POS solutions for cafes eateries restaurants #uniquelyuniwell

We understand the latest trend toward using point of sale apps on a tablet has gained momentum in recent years, and for some good reasons. However, are you aware of the possible downsides?

Here are 10 potential reasons why Tablet POS might not always be the best solution for your venue:

  1. Long-term hardware reliability
  2. Data security
  3. Potential of theft of generic tablets
  4. Pricing comparison (long-term over 3 – 5 years)
  5. Software reliability (particularly if auto-updated)
  6. Data ownership if the subscription isn’t renewed
  7. Lack of personalised support
  8. Limited advanced functionality
  9. Staff using other apps on the tablet
  10. Stability of the underlying operating system (OS)

Uniwell embedded touchscreen POS terminals are known for their reliability and speed of service. 

If you think a Tablet POS is not for you and are looking for a new point of sale system to improve your business, make sure you check out Uniwell’s new HX-5500 and HX-2500 embedded POS terminals. We have personalised finance available through iLease Equipment Funding that makes acquiring a state-of-the-art Uniwell POS solution more achievable than ever…

Uniwell POS for cafes restaurants with promotional rear display

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