Why Upgrade Your Old Cash Register to Uniwell

The age of the cash register is over. For so long, these robust business machines have been faithfully recording sales and storing cash for retailers and hospitality venues around the globe. But the time has come to face reality – touchscreen POS systems now offer a far more powerful and versatile point of sale solution for cafés and bakeries!

Your bakery cafe will benefit from a Uniwell POS system

Still not convinced? Trying to extract every last ounce out of your old cash register?

Here are 10 reasons why your business will be better off if you switch to the latest POS technology from Uniwell:

  1. Tighter control on pricing – no guesswork
    With complete menu itemisation, correct registration of meal options and easily configurable fixed prices, you won’t need to worry about your staff inadvertently undercharging.
  2. Saves time and reduces staff order-entry errors
    With detailed order entry at the POS, no bits of paper are misplaced and order requests are not lost in translation.
  3. Order accuracy improves barista and kitchen efficiency
    With improved accuracy of order entry and integrated communication between the POS and the kitchen, food and beverage production become more efficient, reducing waste.
  4. Detailed table bill tracking
    When it comes time to pay the bill, an integrated POS provides an accurate, itemised summation of all that has been purchased, so nothing gets forgotten
  5. Accurate historical sales reports improves analysis
    One of the keys to maintaining a successful hospitality venue is the ability to analyse your sales, so you know what you are doing well and where you can improve. Proper reporting from your POS system is crucial!
  6. Manage customer loyalty and promotional initiatives
    Your POS system can also allow you automate and effectively manage in-house promotions and customer loyalty initiatives. More importantly, you can also measure their success.
  7. Examine staff performance and increase security
    Evaluating waitstaff activity allows you to improve training and incentivise your operation. Your POS also allows you to limit control of specific functions to key staff or management.
  8. Enhances customer perception of your business
    The improvements that an integrated POS system will make to your business will be tangibly evident to your customers. Service speed, accuracy and quality can all be improved with the aid of the right POS technology.
  9. Operational improvements and easy staff training
    A modern, graphical interface makes POS navigation more intuitive. Training new team members is also simplified.
  10. Use your POS as an active advertising tool
    The latest touchscreen POS terminals can be fitted with LCD customer display panels capable of sharing high quality graphic images, providing you with endless promotional opportunities.

A properly configured integrated point of sale system is much more than a ‘supercharged’ cash register – it is a vital hospitality management tool. If you are looking for a new POS system for your bakery, bistro, café or restaurant – consider Uniwell4POS!

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