Uniwell HX-6500 – #UniquelyUniwell

  • All-in-one, embedded POS terminal offers superior reliability and security
  • Robust, purpose-built hardware designed for high volume environments
  • Easily customized to suit individual business requirements
  • High quality design and construction – made in Japan

Uniwell HX-5500 - Uniquely Uniwell - hospitality POS for cafes restaurants bakeries bars bistros

In the modern economy, your POS system needs to do more than tally up your sales and store your cash. Your hospitality venue is ever-changing, with your product, pricing and promotion mix always on the move to meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

Uniwell’s point of sale solutions can help you meet these challenges!

Whether it be easily creating new items or options for your menu, adjusting prices to cater for changing costs or setting up meal deals or customer loyalty to help attract and retain clientele – you need a POS solution that is controllable and flexible. Add to that the improved in-house efficiency and back-office reporting that Uniwell’s range of hospitality POS solutions provides, and you have a system that meets your real needs.

Consider these four major benefits of Uniwell’s exclusive POS technology:


An embedded POS terminal is an ‘all-in-one’ solution with no separation between operating system and POS application. This singular purpose provides greatly enhanced security, as users can’t access the internet and introduce external information to the POS terminal’s memory.


Uniwell’s proprietary technology removes risk areas in relation to system reliability. POS features are specifically designed to be robust and easy to operate. Third-party applications can’t be loaded onto the dedicated POS terminal, so stability is not compromised.

Operational speed

At Uniwell we have been developing and refining our POS technology for decades. A properly configured Uniwell POS system provides superior functionality, while still being faster and simpler to use for an operator than many other point of sale products.

Purpose-built hardware

Embedded POS terminals are specifically designed to cope with the day-to-day requirements of high-volume hospitality and retail venues. Uniwell has a long-standing reputation for quality POS hardware that can handle the physical workload that a standard tablet, laptop or PC may not.

If you are looking for a reliable, purpose built POS terminal with hospitality and promotional features designed to streamline and improve your venue, make sure you check out the HX-6500!


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