How Skoop! Customer Engagement Transforms Café Marketing

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Uniwell POS Australia recently announced the exciting new integration of our embedded touchscreen POS terminals with the award-winning Skoop! customer engagement platform. To find out more about this exciting new service, click on the POS image above.  

In the meantime, consider these 10 ways that Skoop! can transform your café marketing:

  1. Create a professional customer engagement program that allows you to boost communication with loyal clients
  2. Use responsive vouchers to increase customer spend or generate quick-return business
  3. Detailed loyalty data allows in-depth analysis of customer behaviour so that your promotions can be even more relevant
  4. Promote eGiftcards, which are simple to purchase and use, and easy for you to manage
  5. Create ad-lib campaigns such as rainy-day or public holiday vouchers to generate micro-boosts and goodwill
  6. Precision marketing can be used to push relevant promotions genuinely tailored to customer preferences
  7. Reward customers for engaging with your business and utilise social media to share stories of loyalty benefits
  8. An integrated online store can be used to boost pre-ordering and reduce customer waiting times
  9. Link vouchers and loyalty rewards between multiple venues and reconcile cross-site liability
  10. A mobile app and push marketing modernises your brand and attracts a younger audience

Contact Uniwell POS Australia to arrange for a demonstration of Skoop!

Skoop Customer Engagement for Powerful Cafe Loyalty

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